Noah's Arc (2013)

Buoys (2013)

Force Field, Marsden Woo Gallery (2012)
© Phillip Sayer

Divided Self II (2012)
© Phillip Sayer

Passing Point (2012)
© Phillip Sayer

Orbit (2012)
© Phillip Sayer

Emptiness Over Emptiness (2012)
© Phillip Sayer

Scroll, Edition of 3 (2012)
© Phillip Sayer

Kink, Edition of 3 (2012)
© Phillip Sayer

Divided Selves (2012)

Dawn Chorus (2006)

Des Equilibres, Trois Fragments (2007)

Fairy Circle (2012)

Imprint (2012)
© Phillip Sayer

Implant (2012)

Mary's Rosary (2010)

Proposition For Unspun I (2010)

Portal (2010)
© Phillip Sayer

Proposition For Unspun II (2010)

Recoil (2008)

Romeo (2011) (in collaboration with Rupert Ackroyd)

Self Centred (2008)
© Noah DaCosta

Shelved (2010)
© Leigh Simpson

The Space Between The Bars (left) (2010) / Proposition (right) (2010)
© Phillip Sayer

Spring (2005)
© Phillippe Dureuil

Tailspin (2006)
© Noah DaCosta

Unspun (2010)

Hanging Out (2005)



Owen's primary materials are wood, metal and stone which he crafts as individual elements, collectively developing their own sense of character. Through this process the works become animators of space or performers creating events in particular places. 

Owen graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2003, and from the Royal College of Art in 2005. He has since undertaken residencies in the UK, France, Malta and Belize, and his work is included in both public and private collections in the UK and abroad. He lives and works in London.

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