About Me

As a sculptor, my primary materials are wood, metal and stone which are crafted as individual elements, collectively developing their own sense of character. Through this process the works become animators of space or performers creating events in particular places.

Wood is generally the start of things for me. Whether worked in solid section or pieced together, experienced individually or within a forest, it has an inherent history and is a naturally replenishing material. Sculpting the surface reveals a past and excavates contour lines which are very human in scale. The forms I play with may be abstract, but the surfaces of them are always deeply figurative to me.

I first began using metal as a means of joining together elements in order to create larger wooden forms. The metal elements in my work have become increasingly important, not only providing an opportunity to introduce colour but also enabling a natural translation of surface texture marks into cast bronze and aluminium.

I particularly like the opportunity of making work in response to specific places. Everything has an intrinsic balance, no matter what the varying forces might be. This is a constant source of intrigue for me, and is therefore not something one can ever quite fully grasp or stop playing with.

I graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2003, and from the Royal College of Art in 2005. I have since undertaken residencies in the UK, France, Malta and Belize. My work is included in both public and private collections in the UK and abroad and has been featured in several publications including Architectural Digest, New York Spaces, The Financial Times and Wallpaper* Magazine. I live and work in London with my wife, son and dog Basil.


All photos by Phillip Sayer courtesy of Marsden Woo Gallery

Photo: Phillip Sayer

Photo: Phillip Sayer