E17 Art Trail, Walthamstow, London, 1st-16th June

This year marks the 15th year of this much loved festival which takes place throughout Walthamstow from the 1st - 16th June.

As a local sculptor, living and working in E17, I am delighted to be involved in three separate events at this years Art Trail.

‘Family Portrait’, a 4.8m tower of hand carved and painted redwood boulders is exhibited at part of the Open Studios. Art Trail Map Venue 141

‘Self Portrait’ and a selection of Bullett Edition pieces will be on show at Yonder. Art Trail Map Venue 4

‘The Clearing’ a collaboration with Smith & Newton Architects for Waltham Borough Council. Art Trail Map Venue 34

For more information please visit the E17 Art Trail website here

'Matter' - Sculp Tour 2019, Beukenhof Art Gallery, Belgium

This 18th edition of the sculptour, which starts under the name 'STILLED', brings work from 21 new artists:

Steven Atkinson (UK) - Ezra Bailey (UK) - Riëlle Beekmans (NL) - Owen Bullett (UK) - Anne Claverie (FR) - Harry de Leeuw (NL) - Gundi Dietz (AT) -Michal Fargo (UK) - Friedrich Sebastian Feichter (IT) - Rainer Fest (DE) - Wolfgang Gido (DE) - Rob Good (UK) - Julien Guarnéri (FR) - Ernst Günter Herrmann (DE) - Hans Kuyper (NL) - Dirk Lamote (BE) - Frédéric Lavaud (FR) - MPCEM (FR) - Sam Shendi (UK) - Eberhard Szejstecki (DE) - Marja Verhage (NL) 

Alongside artists who have been present in recent years and who have prepared new work in this artistic tour of the Beukenhof estate.

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From 1st May - 22nd September 2019


'Garland Necklace' at Burghley House Sculpture Garden this summer

Following its inaugural appearance at the RHS Flower Show, Chatsworth House in 2018, ‘Garland Necklace’ is now on display as part of the Form and Function exhibition at Burghley House from 1st April - 3rd November 2020.

‘In 2019 the gardens at Burghley have become the grounds for a debate between Form and Function. A conversation between the needs of purpose and the liberation of pure geometry, spoken through the language of sculpture. Form and Function is an outdoor exhibition of over 20 large-scale sculptures.’

Mike Shaw, Curator , Burghley Sculpture Garden

For more information please click here

'Love Rocker' Wallpaper* Handmade X, Salone Del Mobile, Milan, April 2019

‘Love Rocker’ by Owen Bullett Studio and Heerenhuis

This harmonious seat for two by Heerenhuis and Owen Bullett Studio was crafted using thermowood techniques, where the wood is heated to reduce moisture, halving its weight and making the piece light enough to be rocked. Heerenhuis applied its specialist carpentry skills to prepare half circle-shaped sections of wood that lock into one another, while Owen Bullett Studio’s signature carving techniques add texture. But the Love Rocker only truly comes to life when two people sit on it. As their combined weight balances the seat, the sitters can gently rock each other and share a playful moment.

Photography by Alberto Strada / Wallpaper* Handmade X

Photography by Alberto Strada / Wallpaper* Handmade X


'Garland Necklace', RHS Chatsworth House

Renowned sculptor and artist, Owen Bullett will display a brand new commission titled Garland Necklace as part of next month’s Royal Horticultural Society’s Chatsworth Flower Show.

Following a call for artists from the RHS, Owen was selected to create an impressive new work crafted from large wooden forms for this year’s show. The piece is one of eight eye-catching installations selected by the RHS for the newest of their annual flower shows, which attracted audiences of circa 95,000 in 2017.

The 5-metre diameter ring of brightly coloured, hand carved and painted wooden boulders is Owen Bullett’s largest sculpture to date, weighing in at 2.5 tonnes. The installation will invite guests to sit beneath its large arch and appreciate its relationship to the surrounding wooded parkland, whilst acting as a recognisable beacon to meet others, and enjoy the day. The circular piece is inspired by the colourful flower lei’s and garlands which are offered as welcome gifts on faraway islands and recalls the simple tradition of making daisy chains on a summer’s afternoon. 

The RHS Chatsworth Flower Show runs from Wednesday 6 through to Sunday 10 June, for information and tickets visit rhs.org.uk.

Photos: Winnie Nip courtesy of ReWired PR

'The Clearing', Waltham Forest, London

A joint commission with Smith & Newton Architects for Waltham Forest Council, the recently awarded London Borough of Culture 2019.

The Clearing.png

Transforming unloved spaces…

A 6m diameter beaten earth circle will be surrounded by 6x6m tall carved wooden posts, each tapering away to the top. Above this meeting place will be suspended a glimmering cloud of small metal disks. These will reflect the light and make a gently audible sound as they shimmer in the breeze. 

This enchanted clearing will be further enhanced by a variety of wooden ‘boulders’. These will sit around the edges of the earth circle, providing seating for beguiled passers-by and entranced playgroup attendees alike.

'Cadence' Chiltern Place, London

This public sculpture made of three towers sits in a prominent location in front of Chiltern Place in the heart of Marylebone. Landscape design by Stephen Woodhams Garden Design.

Patinated cast bronze, cast aluminium, brushed stainless steel, powder coated stainless steel. 

Photos: Owen Bullett.

Entrance Lobby & Board Room designed by Tomasz Starzewski. 

Back-lit white onyx wall installation above reception desk and painted collages in the board room designed and made by Owen Bullett.

Photos: Phillip Vile courtesy of Tomasz Starzewski.

'Raft', Griffin Gallery, London, 2017

‘Architecture as Metaphor’, a group exhibition curated by Steve Johnson and Becca Pelly-Fry.

'Surface Tension', Marsden Woo Gallery

"Owen Bullett's sculpture represents a kind of contemporary archaeology. Ancient stone and modern steel, the rough and the refined, heaviness and weightlessness all feature in his material lexicon. His formal investigations concern the physical and psychological force of matter and objects and the experience of variation and continuity found at thresholds, such as the contact and balance of ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ space and the intersection of solid and void."

Excerpt from the exhibition essay by Marsden Woo Gallery.

Photo: Phillip Sayer, courtesy of Marsden Woo Gallery

Photo: Phillip Sayer, courtesy of Marsden Woo Gallery

'Matter', Sculptural 2015

Sculptural 2015 is a biennial exhibition at Coombe Trenchard House in Devon, run by William Benington Gallery, co-curated by its Director George Marsh and the sculptor Julian Wild.

'Sub - divided Self', New York

Private residence, Walker Tower, New York

Carved from a single trunk of western red cedar, the memory rings of the tree are revealed through the deep carving of the surface of the wood before being slid apart. 

Interior design by Jarvis Studio and featured in New York Spaces Magazine, 2016.